ICT 2013, Vilnius

Ortelio is presenting the first version of its portable mobile branding App to the participants of the ICT Confenrence in Vilnius next November.

The main themes of the conference are around the triple concept of ‘Create, Connect, Grow’ and so is our version of what we expect to shake the attitudes and practices of the European research communities. ‘Till today, the idea of European researchers about exploitation and business was that these things happen … elsewhere. Our idea is to show that there is an unleashed intellectual capital that can be exploited here and now. So our strategy for research branding in Ortelio is about this here and now and we aspire to launch this at Vilnius in the coming November event’ mentions Ilias Trochidis, CTO of Ortelio Ltd. UK. ‘We operate a team of branding experts and professionals, social scientists, economists and intellectual assets capital management experts from all over the world. We are confident that this time the markets will be more willing to pay attention and go down to the bone in terms of uptake and adoption’.