Collaboration ecosystem for developing children ebooks

q-talesWe co-develop Q-Tales, a Collaboration Ecosystem that aims to serve the needs of the European Children eBook industry. European Creative SMEs, Experts and Parents, co-create new or transform available Children Literature into high quality eBooks using innovative ICT tools. A  Curation Framework in the field of Pedagogy, Children Psychology and evolutionary Psychology is the added value of Q-Tales as all eBooks that are sold through the platform are evaluated.

Q-Tales is consisting of the following three interrelated subsystems:

  • Q-Tales Collaboration Platform, including Gamification Aspects, where self-publishers, authors, illustrators, voice actors, animators and other related SMEs and professionals communicate, offer and receive services and collaborate.
  • Q-Tales Authoring Tool, featuring an easy-to-use interface with powerful and sophisticated authoring features which will be used to create the Q-Tales eBooks and apps, incorporating the Q-Tales Ontology and utilizing gamification technique
  • Q-Tales Store where the authored eBooks and apps will be offered worldwide.