Environment and sustainable development

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 18.16.11We have co-designed a multilingual (21+ languages) collective awareness platform that enables policy makers to integrate local knowledge into their decision making, while also guiding and encouraging local activities that restore and maintain biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Our vision is to enlighten, encourage and empower local communities to support biodiversity restoration across Europe, through an internet system that unifies all available knowledge to guide decisions for the benefit of biodiversity and livelihoods. We build our ideas on the concepts of the collaborative and sharing economy. Our platform can be used independently or in connection with proprietary ERP and IS systems. It is also connected to our Open government data portal and our location-based services suite for use by communities, municipalities and NGOs. We promote it with use of a Creative Commons licensing policy and offer scalable customisation services for the platform owners, providers and producers.

Our challenge is to harness the collaborative power of networks (networks of people, of knowledge, of sensors) to create collective and individual awareness about restoration and maintenance of biodiversity and natural resources.

Our platform supports exchange of environmental information between central and local levels, as well as meeting commitments in many areas of the Convention of Biological Diversity. Our approach enables integration and delivery of formal environmental assessment systems with local knowledge and practices, using GPS, remote/local sensing, and internet/mobile services.

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