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Funded under the Horizon 2020 “Smart, Green and Integrated Transport” Programme, the NOESIS project identified the critical factors/features which lead to the successful implementation of Big Data technologies and services in the field of transport and logistics with significant value generation from a socioeconomic viewpoint.

This was achieved through the examination of areas and contexts throughout Europe, in which ICT investments and exploitation of data are implemented. The impact of Big Data was evaluated in a series of transportation use cases (Big Data in Transport Library) by developing and applying a ‘Learning framework’ and a Value Capture mechanism which will estimate the expected benefits and costs.

Ortelio was the project coordinator of NOESIS, being involved in all key phases of the project, and leading the development of the Big Data Decision Support tool for identifying the underlying patterns of “successful” applications of Big Data in transport.


newbits_logoFunded under the Horizon 2020 “Smart, Green and Integrated Transport” Programme, the NEWBITS project aim was to provide a deep understanding of the changing conditions and dynamics affecting Collaborative Intelligent Transport System innovations. 

NEWBITS fosters a business ecosystem approach for C-ITS which acknowledges the context of economics of networks by introducing a higher conceptual level than that of individual organisations, focusing at how organisations create value within the context of the networks in which they interoperate. 

Ortelio is the project coordinator of NEWBITS, being involved in all key phases of the project, and leading the innovative business modeling implementing a Value Network Analysis (VNA) approach.


Funded under the Horizon 2020 “Smart, Green and Integrated Transport” Programme, the AW-Drones project aims to facilitate the on-going European Union regulatory process for the definition of rules, technical standards and procedures for drones.

AW-Drones will provide a knowledge-base of “best practices” to support the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)’s regulatory process, and contribute to the identification and validation of a well-reasoned set of technical standards for operations, appropriate for all relevant categories of drones. The standards will be presented into an easy-to-navigate knowledge platform, open to all stakeholders.

Ortelio is involved in all phases of the project and is responsible for developing the AW-Drones knowledge platform.


Funded under the Interreg Europe programme, the “PLASTECO” project in line with the “European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy”, will support participating territories to take the steps necessary for a transition towards a “new plastics economy”. Ortelio participates in the assessment of territorial-specific economic and social barriers against more sustainable plastic consumption and production patterns, as a subcontractor of the Stara Zagora Regional Economic Development Agency in Bulgaria.


Funded under the Interreg ADRION programme, the “TOUREST – Tourism water management for sustainable ADRION coastal areas” project aims to provide the means to manage environmental risks linked to tourism activities in Adriatic-Ionian territories by supporting the diffusion of sustainable water management in the tourism sector and stimulating the vibrant involvement of public authorities and the tourism sector. Ortelio participates in the development of an action plan for public authorities and tourism stakeholders, and will produce a report on evidence gathered for the development of the SWOT analysis on the adoption of water efficiency solutions for the Adriatic-Ionian macro-region, as a subcontractor of the Laboratory for Telecommunications Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Slovenia.


Funded under the Interreg MED programme, the “INHERIT” project aims to alleviate the pressures exerted by tourism economic activities on MED coastal natural heritage areas by enhancing the level of protection through a combination of self-regulation, MED-specific proven policy measures, and transnational cooperation mechanisms. Ortelio participates in the development of an exploratory study on discrepancies in the policies of tourism and natural heritage protection, as a subcontractor of  Séneca Foundation – Agency of Science and Technology of the Region of Murcia & Region of Murcia-General Directorate of Natural Environment Tourism, Culture and Environmental Council in Spain.


Funded under the Interreg Europe programme, the “EXTRA-SME’sproject aims to boost export potential and achieve expansion of rural and coastal SMEs in wider markets for the promotion of their products, through simpler and improved administrative processes, and innovative technologies. Ortelio participates in the development of guidelines for stakeholder group meetings, as a subcontractor of the Lapland University of Applied Sciences in Finland, and in the development of the final input paper, as a subcontractor of Northern Chamber of Commerce in Szczecinin, Poland.


The “DeCarb – Supporting the clean energy transition of coal intensive EU regions” project is funded under the Interreg Europe programme. Its objective is tobring together 9 partners (9 countries), to exchange experiences & transfer knowledge on how to transition from the carbon-intensive era towards the clean energy future. It will support regions to secure sustainable development, economic & societal stability, and a role in the 2030 energy mix. Ortelio is conducting a SWOT analysis to determine decarbonisation growth pathways in partners’ territories, as a subcontractor of the House of Energy (HoE) in Denmark.


Funded under the Interreg Europe programme, the “Water reuse policies advancement for resource efficient European regions – AQUARES” project aims to achieve efficient water management through water reuse, profit from the opportunities in the water market, and secure the protection of water bodies. Ortelio will assess current and future technologies in water reuse applications in the agricultural, industrial, urban and recreational sectors, and develop a water reuse technology application guide, as a subcontractor of the Euro-Mediterranean Water Institute (IEA) in Spain.


Funded under the Interreg Europe programme, the INVALIS project “Protecting European Biodiversity from Invasive Alien Species” aims to improve policies on biodiversity and environmental protection, by supporting policy measures for the prevention, early detection, control and eradication of invasive alien species in natural ecosystems. Ortelio is supporting the design and implementation of the project’s online and offline communication strategy, as a subcontractor of the Zemgale Planning Region in Latvia.


Funded under the Interreg Europe programme, the “CONDEREFF – Construction and Demolition Waste Management Policies for Improved Resource Efficiency” project aims to accelerate policy work on the improvement of resource efficiency and introduce green growth opportunities in the countries of the partnership, regarding C&D waste management. Ortelio participates in the development of a methodology to investigate the economic potential of C&D waste and corresponding priority areas for regional C&D recycled materials markets, as a subcontractor of ISW – Institute for Structural Policy and Economic Development in Germany.

CIPTEC_210x150Funded under the Horizon 2020 “Smart, Green and Integrated Transport” Programme, the CIPTEC project aims to bring a new thinking and innovative solutions (service concepts and business models) for public transport, in order to create a favorable environment for public transport growth. CIPTEC will find, analyse and assess the key market and social trends for their potential effect on Public Transport customers and will try to validate and classify the opportunities and threats imply for urban public transport. Ortelio is actively involved in all phases of the project, ensuring that the identified innovative practices will be well branded to find their way to the market.

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