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The ROUTE-TO-PA development team released the SPOD (Social Platform over Open Data) version 0.4. Major features: First communication between TET and SPOD! : now from every datalet shown from TET (and any CKAN), it is possible to connect back to “data source” and to the information page of the datasets. […]

Integrating SPOD 0.4 with Ultraclarity

The Robotics Map initiative just published its first European Robotics Map. This catalogue aims at helping you to identify key competences and partners at an international scale. The catalogue has been prepared with the cooperation of various partners: Aquitaine Robotics, BioRobotics Institute, Coboteam, Commission Européenne and DG CONNECT, Criif, euRobotics, […]

The first Robotics Map is ready!

Ortelio will attend the euRobotics Brokerage Day 2015, taking place at Brussels Expo on November 18. The main aim of this event is to bring together stakeholders from the robotics field to meet and discuss potential project ideas and network. The event will allow the over 300 participants expected to make new contacts and […]

Ortelio at the euRobotics Brokerage Day 2015

Ortelio supports Webternity to enhance its brand by: a) analysing Webternity’s target markets and suggesting appropriate marketing actions, b) supporting its social media branding and promotion, and c) implementing an online advertising campaign. Webternity is a web and social media archiving platform, used to harvest, preserve, manage and reuse web […]

Ortelio supports Webternity

Ortelio participates in the Automation Conference 2015 in Warsaw, Poland, on 18 – 20 March 2015. We present a paper related to cloud robotics, entitled “Hive Collective Intelligence for Cloud Robotics: A Hybrid Distributed Robotic Controller Design for Learning and Adaptation”. You can read the full paper below: Gkiokas, A., Tsardoulias, E. […]

Ortelio at Automation 2015

Following the previous article about the presentation of the RoboBrain architecture by Ortelio Ltd at the Humanoids Conference in Madrid, ElPais got interested in our new EU funded project MARIO, and decided to feature an article about the project. Here is the full story (in Spanish): In this article, Kathleen Murphy, MARIO’s communication […]

Ortelio and the MARIO project feature in El Pais

Ortelio participated in the European Robotics Forum 2015 in Vienna between 11 – 13 March 2015. More than 600 scientists, company representatives and robotics officials from the European Commission attended the event. Ortelio had the opportunity to discuss with researchers and business experts the RAPP and the MARIO projects and to interact in various […]

Ortelio at the European Robotics Forum